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DATS Distribution Services


 Serving retail and wholesale markets, our dedicated distribution services are available at many of our locations. We offer service-based alternatives to traditional long-haul LTL. We provide you and your customers the quality service you expect.

We've dsigned cstom slutions for some of the best

     - JC Penney

     - John Deere Parts

     - Sally Beauty Company

     - PPG Industries

     - Starbucks Coffee


Our Solutions Provide

  • Reduction in cost to getting your goods to market

  • Reduced warehouse and inventory expense

  • EDI integration and B2B web services for reliable shipment information

  • Flexible supply chain solutions that meet changing market demands

  • Flexibility in your supply chain

  • Expansion into new markets without the expense or risk of long-term investment

  • Direct feed into our extensive LTL network

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